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Increasing and optimizing Plasma Circulation is the most important and most effective method for slowing the aging process, improving health and preventing illness as much as possible.

Unfortunately the medical industry does little or nothing about prevention or improving people's health. They know very little about it because medical schools teach little or nothing about prevention and improving health. There is no money in health improvement. The big money is in illness and the treating of illness. Treating is not curing.  

Although some benevolent doctors might want to teach prevention to their patients, Health Insurance companies do not pay doctors for teaching prevention and how to enable the body to do the healing. Illness insurance  companies only pay doctors for treating illness not for curing illness.

Doctors can only bill the insurance companies for tests, medication, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and everything else that has to do with treating but not curing illness. If the general public were to learn how to prevent illness and how to promote the healing ability of the body, the illness industry would quickly be in serious decline and possibly even go bankrupt (illness can only be cured by the body itself, not by the doctor or the pills). A bad economic side effect would be that the economy would go into another severe recession because of the large unemployment it would create for doctors, nurses and all other illness industry related employees (in 2015 over 18% of all employed people worked in the Illness Industry. That is projected to become 20% in the year 2020). So, prevention will never be promoted by the Illness Industry. The Illness Industry "owns" the FDA and has enormous financial power to lobby (bribe) the politicians at all levels of jurisdiction to keep the Illness Industry strong and most of the population weak and unhealthy.

Proof of that doctors learn little or nothing about prevention and improving health is that most doctors and nurses and other hospital employees are not any healthier than their patients and quite othen they are even in worse health than their patients. It is quite obvious that they have not learned anything in medical school that would at least keep themselves and their families healthy. There are of course always exceptions to the rule and there are very healthy doctors as well, but they have mostly left the traditional Western Allopathic Medicine and have transitioned into more effective alternative metods of healing illness and prevention (which the Illness Insurance industry and Medicare will not pay for). Unfortunately the Illness Industry has been quite successful in depressing and defeating alternative health care by manipulating Osteopathic doctors (DOs Doctors of Osteopathy) into submission to the Allopathic practices of MDs (Doctors of Medicine) and more and more abandoning their wellmeaning preventive medicine and their practice of building the immune system up and allowing the body to heal itself with a minimum of medications. 


Most people do not see the need for plasma circulation because they do not even know what it is. In fact doctors do not know what plasma circulation is and why it is the most important factor in preventing illness and in healing. They learn nothing about it in medical school because the pharmaceutical industry is writing and supplying all the textbooks that are used in medical schools. And the pharmaceutical industry certainly would not want doctors to learn anything about preventing illness and healing. 

Now, surprisingly, it turns out that boosting plasma circulation is the most important and effective factor in preventing illness and promoting and maintaining health and most importantly it strengthens the immune system that enables the body to cure itself. 

So what is this plasma circulation?
Plasma constitutes about 54% of the volume of blood. The remaining 46% of the volume of blood are red and white blood cells and micro organisms and dead cell debris and some undesireable material such as heavy metal.



The beliefs and hypothethes that medical practice is based on in the United States are very much in need of improvement and change because the current beliefs and practices are badly flawed if judged by the disappointing results and the less than impressive state of health of the USA population as a whole. Following is a breakthrough hypothethis for proven and guaranteed health improvement and illness prevention. The words "proven" and "guaranteed" may sound very daring and even brash to people who have great belief and respect for the current state of the Illness Industry. But here it is, undeniable proof of an impending revolution in health sciences. 


Plasma Circulation Hypothesis:

The most simple way to improve health is to increase plasma circulation. Most illness is as a result of insufficient plasma circulation. There are 75 trillion cells in our body, give or take 25 trillion. Nobody has ever counted them, the number is a guestimate. All cells need nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oxygen to be able to fulfill their functions. All the supplies that our 50 trillion cells need to do their jobs are dissolved in the plasma. All the oxygen transporting red blood cells plus all the white blood cells that are part of our immune system are carried in suspension in the plasma. Blood is pumped by te left ventricle of the heart into the Aorta, the largest blood vessel. From there it flows to smaller arteries until it flows into the smallest blood vessels, the capillaries.

Plasma enters cell spaces through the walls of the capillaries
As soon as the blood is pushed into the capillaries, much of the plasma filters through the wall of the capillaries into the cell spaces that contain the cells. A cell space is a small space enclosed by a membrane also called interstitial spaces. Each of about 20 billion cell spaces in our body hold an average of 2500 cells each and are filled with plasma from which the cells absorb the nutrients that are dissolved in the plasma.   



All illness starts at the cellular level.
Every day, day in and day out, about one tenth of a percent of our 50 trillion cells in our body become ill. That is a whopping 50 billion cells becoming ill every day. Most of those cells heal themselves. The cells can only heal themselves if the plasma circulation delivers enough materials and nutrients needed for cells to be able to repair themselves. A small percentage of the ill cells are beyond repair and they will die. Cells that die will be replaced with new cells that are created by way of mitosis (cell division) for which the plasma circulation also must deliver all the building materials needed to create the new replacement cells. As long as cells heal themselves at the same rate as they become ill and are replaced at the same rate as the cells that die, all is well and you can call yourself healthy. When cells become ill at a greater rate than what the body's self healing capacity can handle, you are ill. So the new definition of HEALTH is that it is a low manageable degree of illness that the body can easily handle with its cell repair capability being able to heal at least as many cells as are becoming ill every day and can replace cells that have died with new ones by way of cell division.


Wrong definition of Health
Most people incorrectly believe that the definition of Health is "the absence of illness" and that is absolutely false. We are ill every minute of our life because we have a fraction of a percentage of the 50 trillion cells in our body becoming ill every day, but when as many cells as are becoming ill are healed every day, then our illness is under control and we can declare ourselves to be healthy. It is a daily balancing game that our immune system should be strong enough to win the battle day by day as long as possible into old age. The older we get, the less capable our body becomes to keep the balance of illness and health tilted in our favor, because our body's ability to heal as many cells as are becoming ill becomes lesser and lesser as our immune system becomes weaker as we age. But if we maintain the body's ability to heal ill cells, we will keep winning the balancing act between illness and health and we will be slowing the aging process and live longer at a manageable level of illness.


You can prevent and cure illness
There is much we can do to give our body greater ability to keep cells from becoming ill and to help it in its efforts to heal cells. 
There are many ways in which we can slow the aging process by lowering the number of cells becoming ill and increasing the body's capacity to heal its cells.


By far the most effective efforts we can do for  better health and slower aging is to increase plasma circulation to all the celltissues in our body. So what is this plasma circulation all about? You have not heard much or maybe nothing about plasma circulation from the medical profession or the media because the medical establishment has not as yet grasped the significance for health maintenance and illness prevention of plasma circulation. Most likely doctors themselves know very little about plasma circulation because as a group they are not in any better health as the rest of the population. Even if they knew everything about plasma circulation, they would not get compensated by the Illness Insurance companies to teach people about prevention and how to strengthen their immune system by optimizing their plasma circulation. It is quite understandable when looking at it from a business perspective, that teaching the whole population how to prevent illness and promote self healing, is not very interesting to people that make their living from illness. The incentives are in favor of more illness, more tests, more medicine, more doctor visits more hospital beds being filled for as many nights a possible. Alternative wellness practitioners would likely be more interested in promoting plasma circulation and the prevention of illness and self healing of the body. Most Northern European doctors get paid by how many patients have chosen them as their primary physician. They get paid the same whether their patients are healthy or visit them on a frequent basis. Their incentive is to have healthy patients that do not frequently come to their office for tests and medications and surgery and hospital stays. They have a direct interest in teaching their patients illness prevention and healthy habits. 


So what is this plasma circulation?

Plasma Circulation is similar to blood circulation but it involves far more volume of plasma than volume of blood and plasma flows to more areas where blood does not flow. Plasma Circulation starts with blood circulation because blood consists of 54% plasma by volume. The other 46% volume of blood consists of red and white blood cells and much other semi solid matter being in suspension in the plasma. The blood is pumped by the heart through arteries and ever smaller blood vessels to the capillaries. At the capillaries most of the plasma filters through the walls of the capillaries into the cell spaces where the cells living inside those interstitial spaces will absorb all the nutrients they need from the plasma that surrounds them.    


Wikipedia nonsense about capillary Wikipedia nonsense about microcirculation. This and other misinformation about circulation and how it relates to health and illness is proof positive of the poor education doctors receive in medical schools. also Pre-capillary sphincter valves are mentioned, total nonsense. How plasma circulates throughout the body is poorly understood by the medical community and doctors need to lear it so that they at least can better take care of their own health and the health of their family.

This new disruptive hypothesis on circulation is a major breakthrough in the understanding of prevention of illness and healing. Introducing a disruptive hypothesis into any field of scientiffic inquiry is a difficult task because it is opposed by all currently accepted knowledge with which most experts try to obstruct any new ideas from entry into their field of expertise. Their dumbest argument against any new ideas and hypotheses is that the new ideas are in conflict with widely accepted knowledge and beliefs in their fields of expertise. They fail to realize that any new idea must differ from currently accepted knowledge. If ideas and hypotheses would not differ, they would be existing accepted knowledge and would not be new ideas.   


New ideas that sound too good to be true
Don't fool yourself by thinking that new ideas that sound too simple are too good to be true. In real life simplicity wins out over complication. Nature prefers simplicity. Simplicity is nature made, complication is man made. Einstein's E=MC2 looks simple...but it's also one of the most powerful equations in all of physics and it was accepted into physics but now is doubted as to it's validity. “Simple” is almost always the best way to do anything. Einstein said, "Make anything as simple as possible, but not simpler". 

Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."


New ideas and new hypotheses are always in conflict with current well established beliefs. For experts in any field of expertise their beliefs are truth and they arrogantly assume that anything differing with their truths must be false. That is why simple ideas that come from single individuals are ridiculed and laughed at by experts who as a group are the .


"In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."
—Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642 


If you own a 4 minute QuickGym
If you own a ROM QuickGym 4 minute exercise machine, you have already experienced that it delivers even more than the advertised health and fitness benefits. You get the same or even more health and fitness benefits from a very simple 4 minutes on the ROM QuickGym as you get from 60 to 90 minutes very complicated exercises working out in a gym. But how is that possible when most people and most "experts" believe that it takes at least 25 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise to get an adequate cardio benefit? Those people totally ignore simplicity as being the most likely solution to matters of health and survival. Of course as an owner of a ROM machine you have experienced that 4 minutes is even far superior in health results to the more time consuming and complicated conventional methods of exercise.

Why are 4 minutes on the ROM so superior in health results than any other method of exercise?
You need to learn why and how this simple 4 minute exercise is possible so that you will learn how important it is to explain it to others. Self-appointed know-it-all "experts" that have never used the Rom QuickGym are convinced that it can not possibly give you an excellent workout with these astounding health benefits in exactly 4 minutes per day. The problem with the RomQuickGym is that the more you tell people about the RomQuickGym, the less they believe it beacuse it all sounds too good to be true. But once people use the ROM for just one EXACTLY 4 minute exrcise, they instantly turn from skeptics into converts and enthusiastic believers. That happened to some Navy Seals that used the RomQuickGym on a trade show. They believed that the ROM was just a joke and they wanted to make sure that it was the hoax that they believed it was. In their mind 4 minutes was impossible to get all the cardio, strength and flexibility results that are claimed by the manufacturer. Well, it is always great fun to see complete skeptics turn into amazed converts in just 4 minutes flat. Those Navy Seals were completely blown away at the end of the 4 minutes and they recommended to their superiors that they should buy a number of RomQuickGym machines for Navy Seals to train on for maximum conditioning. At the end of 4 minutes the ROM control unit calculates a fitness score. The more energy the user creates during the 4 minutes to make the 80 pound flywheel spin faster, the higher the score. The most highly trained people will have the hardest workout but will also get higher scores. The RomQuickGym constantly changes the resistance every second during the 4 minutes to exactly match the workload to the user's ability of creating energy at every moment during the 4 minutes.  

Before giving their "expert" opinion

Before passing judgment or giving an uninformed opinion, all "experts" would do themselves a big favor if they were first to learn how it is possible that the ROM 4 minute workout delivers so much more health and fitness benefits than can be gained from conventional exercises that require from 30 minutes to as much as 90 minutes of exercise.

Read all the rest of this website to understand
If you do not own a RomQuickGym now, you should read all the rest of this website to learn why you will prevent and cure illness with only 4 minutes of RomQuickGym exercise per day. You will age slower and live a longer and healthier life.   

Explaining the RomQuickGym to others
If you are the owner of a RomQuickGym you will also have experienced, that if you try to tell friends and other people about your amazing 4 minute workout machine, that you get immediate rejection because most people think that you have lost your mind purchasing such an expensive 4 minute machine that in their mind could not possibly deliver the results that you are describing. When you offer them a 4 minute "spin" on your machine, they will hop on the machine, and before they have even started the 4 minute exercise, they will ask you silly questions whether people could do a longer 10 to 30 minute exercise if they wanted to. I always tell them that they can answer that question themselves at the end of their first 4 minute RomQuickGym exercise.

They will find out already after only 2 minutes
In fact they will find out already before they have done the first 2 minutes because they will have depleted the oxygen supply in their blood circulation. They will have reached a condition that is called Hypoxia where the oxygen level in the blood is so low that the blood is turning purple because of its low oxygen content and muscles can no longer get enough oxygen so that their energy output becomes less and lesser. The lower energy production forces a person to slow down the exercise which results in an automatic reduction of the resistance created by the 80 pound flywheel, which enables a person to continnue exercising until the end of the 4 minutes at which time the ROM computer calculates a score based upon the total energy that the user created during the 4 minutes.

Hypoxia explained
Reaching hypoxia is also referred to as "hitting the wall". Doing exercise under the condition of hypoxia is the most effective training method to improve the stamina of the whole cardiovascular system. That is the reason why athletes do high-altitude training to improve their athletic performance. There is less oxygen at high altitude and the condition of hypoxia is reached much faster than at sea-level and they do not have to train nearly as long to improve their cardiovascular capacity and their athletic performance.    


The people that are trying the ROM for the first time and were not told that they will be running out of oxygen and into hypoxia at or before 2 minutes, will stop and will not want to finish the 4 minutes. They will most likely never buy a ROM machine because they have decided that it is too hard for them. They were not properly informed before using the ROM for their first 4 minute workout, that they will be wanting to stop as soon as they have run out of oxygen and into hypoxia. It was not explained to them that the flywheel will slow down when they are in hypoxia and that the resistance will be reduced so that they can complete the 4 minute on the ROM. In fact the resistance will automatically adjust every second during the remaining 2 minutes to match their strength so that they are able to finish the 4 minutes. An improper introduction to the 4 minute workout will most likely result in them never having another look at a RomQuickGym because they have concluded that it is much too hard for them and that they cannot do it. They are totally mistaken of course. They must be made to understand that the machine can be used by people of all ages and all fitness levels and even by people with severe disabilities. Any person, no matter what shape, how strong or how old is able to start and finish the 4 minutes. The oldest person that ever purchased a ROM was 92 years of age at the time. He died at the age of 103 but on doctor's orders did not use his ROM machine in the last few months of his life. His health deteriorated rapidly after he followed his doctor's orders. The doctor thought that the ROM was too strenuous of an exercise for a 103 year old person and that it would potentially kill him. As it turned out, not using the ROM is what most likely killed him, but it created a lot more income for the doctor and the hospital where he died than him dying quickly in better health.

Doctors do not believe a word of the 4 minutes
Doctors generally belong to the "know it all experts" that are ney-sayers. Yet, currently more than 340 MDs own a RomQuickGym for their own use at home. The way most of these MDs came to buy a ROM is a funny story. Most MDs will not believe a word about a 4 minute workout, they just know that it has to be complete nonsense. Well, they are completely wrong. Many of them had a patient of theirs come in for a yearly check-up and they were totally amazed at the big health improvement these patients had experienced as compared to their health check-up a year earlier. Many of these patients had various health problems a year earlier and were swallowing a variety of medicines. In only a few months of using their ROM they recovered from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and all sorts of other health problems. The doctors were dumbfounded at the impressive improvements of their patients. They then asked what their patients attributed these amazing health improvements to and the patients responded that they had purchased one of these 4 minute workout machines. Many of the doctors then said that they could not possibly attribute these impressive health improvements to only 4 minutes of exercise per day and they said something like: "No that 4 minute machine cannot possibly have resulted in these improvements, but keep doing what you are doing if it has these impressive health results".

The following year check-up did the trick
The following year check-up was the same story and that is when some of the doctors started paying attention and bought a RomQuickGym for themselves at home. We do not get patient referral sales from many doctors but we get sales to their doctor colleagues. That may be because their colleagues see them get healthier over a period of just a few months and they have more opportunity to talk to their collegues on a more frequent basis than they can spend time with their patients to tell them about that amazing 4 minute machine that has improved their own health so much.   

Very weak and elderly people
The very weak and elderly people can use it without problem. 
We do not blame physicians for their lack of knowledge about the need for increased plasma circulation. They learn nothing about it in medical school. We do blame them however for their lack of interest wanting to learn more about plasma circulation. Many physicians do not take sufficient care of their own and their family's health, because they do not learn much about preventing illness. They only learn about repairing illness and masking the symptoms of illness. They do not learn that the ultimate solution to the massive rise of illness is prevention and self-healing of illness through increased plasma circulation. Most doctors are no healthier than the average population because they practice no prevention. 


What is plasma circulation
Our body is composed of over 50 trillion cells that form all the billions of cell tissues in our body. All body parts, like vital organs, muscles, brain, bones, are composed of thousand or millions of individual cell tissues. Each cell tissue is a membrane that encloses a tissue space or interstitial space that is filled with interstitial fluid and with cells that live in that fluid. All these cell tissues need supplies, nutrients, oxygen, vitamins, minerals etc. to do all the specific tasks they are designed to do. All these supplies (nutrients, oxygen, vitamins, minerals) are dissolved in the plasma that constitutes 54% of the volume of blood. The blood circulation is the only transportation system that delivers blood to all the capillaries. The plasma of the blood transfers through the walls of the capillaries into the interstetial spaces that all cells live in. So the blood is a slurry consisting of 54% plasma and 46% blood cells and other solids in suspension in the plasma but only the plasma filters through the walls of the capillaries into the interstitial spaces that contain the the cells of each cell tissue. 

Benefits from exercise
The main health benefit from the right type of exercise routine is the vitally important increased plasma circulation through all of the cell tissues in the body. This increase in plasma circulation will increase the flow of plasma from the blood in the capillaries through the small openings between the endothelial cells that form the walls of capillaries to the interstitial spaces that all cells in the various cell tissues are contained in or surrounded by (also called tissue spaces). This interstitial space is filled with interstitial fluid that is essentially the same substance as the plasma that transfers through the walls of the capillaries into the interstitial space. If there is insufficient transfer of plasma with nutrients and oxygen into the interstitial fluid and not enough transfer of waste products out of the interstetial fluid back into the blood circulation, the cells within each tissue space will not get enough nutrients and oxygen and they will be surrounded by an increasingly dirty interstitial fluid with ever more of the metabolic waste products that the cells discard into the interstitial fluid that they are living in. That is not a healthy environment for cells and it makes for unhealthy cells and unhealthy cell tissues that will not properly perform the functions they are to perform. Cells that do not perform their functions are ill and the more such ill cells we have, the less healthy the cell tissues are that they are part of. Most likely over 90% of all illness is as a result of insufficient plasma circulation into and out of the interstitial fluid that fills the interstitial tissue spaces. Sounds astounding but after you will read the rest of this website you should fully understand how and why you should increase your plasma circulation to prevent and cure illness and to slow down the aging process. 


The effect of exercise on plasma circulation

Exercise increases plasma circulation in the body. However, not all exercise is created equal. The wrong type of exercise increases capillary circulation in the muscles of our limbs while at the same time reducing capillary circulation in all the rest of the cell tissues in the body. This is the wrong type of exercise for health improvement because it increases plasma circulation in the highly trained muscle tissue at the expense of less plasma circulation to the brain, vital organs and all other non-muscle cell tissues. The right kind of exercise increases capillary circulation to all the cell tissue in the body at the same time rather than the wrong type of exercise that only creates greater capillary circulation in the muscles of our limbs at the expense of lesser capillary circulation to all remaining cell tissues that include of course the vital organs, brain, connective tissues and joints and all the rest of the non-muscle cell tissues. This wrong type of exercise increases fitness and decreases health and results in illness.

Right and wrong exercise for health
So the majority of exercises that people do are the kind of exercises that increase fitness and decrease health. Say what?? That sounds like total nonsense to all the people who believe that health and fitness are the same thing. They believe that if you are fit that you are healthy and that if you are more fit that you are more healthy. That is completely wrong because fitness and health are two entirely different concepts as follows: Fitness refers to the amount of energy muscles can produce with which they can perform work or excel in sports or athletic competition. Fitness results in greater flow of blood through muscles that will provide the muscles with more oxygen and fuel with which to make energy. It will also result in a flat muscular stomach, good looking muscles on limbs, shoulders, back and chest and a low fat percentage and a lean good looking body. In fitness the larger amount of plasma circulation to the highly trained muscles results in lesser plasma circulation through all the other cell tissues in the body, such as the brain, the vital organs, skin and all other non-muscle cell tissues in the body. The increase of plasma circulation through the highly developed fit muscles comes at the expense of less plasma circulation through all the th rest of the cell tissues in the body. Health is something totally different, it is the absence of illness and does not result in a very impressively good looking body. Health results from a generous plasma circulation through ALL the cell tissues including the brain, vital organs and also all the muscle tissues. A high degree of fitness will come at the expense of a lower degree of health because of the lesser plasma circulation to all the non-muscle cell tissues. 


If you are fit, you are not necessarily healthy
Most of us have learned at least this little about health and fitness: "If you are fit, you are healthy and if you are more fit, you are more healthy". It turns out that this is a prime example of the adage: "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Why? Because extremely fit people often will develop serious health deterioration in their 50s and 60s if they try to maintain their high degree of fitness as they get older. To stay healthy they must gradually reduce their fitness level so that they reduce the flow of blood through their highly trained muscles so that they gradually allow normal bloodflow to return to all their non-muscle cell tissues that were deprived of adequate blood flow when too much bloodflow was created in the highly trained muscle tissues. This is a dramatic departure from conventional wisdom and it must be expected that many so-called "experts" in the field of exercise physiology will strongly disagree with this new breakthrough hypothesis. Experts go about evaluating new ideas and new hypothesis in a most unintelligent way, by comparing new ideas with their current belief and if the new idea or hypothesis differs with their current belief, they will dismiss the new idea as invalid and useless. They totally ignore the fact that new ideas MUST differ with what their current belief is because they could not be new ideas if they were to agree with currently held beliefs. Progress in any field of knowledge can only be made when old accepted belief is challenged by new ideas and new hypotheses. 


Health and Fitness are not the same thing
There is a lot of misinformation about Health and Fitness as pertains to human physiology. Health and Fitness are certainly not the same thing because you can have cancer and be fit enough to partake in a sport. You can also not be fit enough to perform certain physical tasks but be healthy enough to live to 100 years or more. Following is a better explanation and definition for both Health and Fitness as they pertain to human physiology: 
1. Physical fitness is the ability to produce energy with muscles and to perform tasks with those muscles. Exercises to improve fitness are those that increase the combination of strength and endurance in muscles, often resulting in an improvement in physical looks and improved athletic performance. A lean attractive looking body with a flat muscled stomach, muscular limbs, is the result of exercises that promote fitness, and those are unfortunately the results most people want. A high degree of fitness often results in less health and consequently more illness.

2. Physical health is the abcense of illness and disease resulting in a slower aging process. Exercises to improve health do not create those impressive looking bodies that result from exercises that improve fitness, but they will be healthier bodies that live longer without much illness. 

Many very fit people develop serious health problems in their mid 50s and 60s. Many highly fit people die before ages 65 and 70 because of their high degree of fitness that causes more illness and a less strong immune system.


Increased blood flow in muscles results in less blood flow everywhere else in the body
All those fitness type exercises increase capillary blood flow through the muscles that are used during those exercises. 
When highly trained muscles at rest have more blood flow, it  results in a decrease of blood flow through all the rest of the cell tissues in the body. This can be best explained with how sprinklers work that water a lawn. If you have 10 sprinklers watering your lawn and the spray pattern is evenly the same for each of the 10 sprinkler heads, but then one of the sprinkler heads breaks off, you will see a large increase of water flow with maybe a 20 foot high fountain coming out of that broken sprinkler and the other 9 sprinklers get a dramatic decrease in flow with only a trickle of water coming out of each. That is the same with dramatic increase of blood flow through highly trained muscles with an equivalent decrease of blood flow through all the rest of the cell tissues in the body including the brain and vital organs.


Capillary circulation versus other benefits of exercise

Although there are many other benefits from exercise, increased capillary circulation is the most important one for health improvement. People tend to concentrate on the less important benefits from exercise such as weight loss, muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, athletic performance and cosmetic good looks. These are all very nice benefits but regrettably some of these are surprisingly counter productive to health. That may sound strange to you right now, but it does explain the often severe health problems encountered by highly trained athletes and their often shorter life spans. All of it explained here, so stay tuned.


First some more about the need for and benefit from capillary circulation

As mentioned above, all the cells in your body, all trillions of them (estimates run from 50 to 70 trillion cells in the human body) have a limited life span at the end of which they will die and will be replaced with new cells that are created by way of cell division where a single cell divides into two new cells. Every day about 50 billion to 70 billion of our 50 trillion cells die from old age. Some cells only live for one day while there are also cells that live for 25 years before they die and are replaced with new cells. The 50 billion new cells are created by way of cell division (mitosis, meiosis). 

How do the cell tissues know

How do the cell tissues know how many cells died and what kind of cells died so that they can replace them in the same quantities and the same type of cell? The cell tissues know absolutely nothing about how many cells died and what types of cells they were. But surprisingly cells will be replaced in the same quantity and types of cells that died. So how does the replacement of dead cells by new identical cells work? When a cell commits suicide it falls apart in cellwall fragments, but just before it fall apart the cell will extrude a droplet of RNA/DNA. That droplet of magical fluid contains all the genetic information needed to build a new cell. That droplet is absorbed by a healthy cell inside the cell space and that cell now starts absorbing from the surrounding plasma enough new building material with which it can make a new cell by way of celldivision, called mitosis.


In summary

In summary, capillary circulation allows plasma to flow through the small openings between the cells that form the walls of capillaries. The plasma joins the interstitial fluid that surrounds capillaries. The plasma that flows into the interstitial space is now named interstitial fluid. It is the same fluid as the plasma that is the amber sticky fluid that is the major 54% volume of blood, but it is named differently because it is in a different location, the interstitial space in which cells live. The red blood cells of the blood are too big to go through the small openings between the cells that form the walls of capillaries. Certain white blood cells (part of our immune system) that are even larger than red blood cells, macrophages, can change their shape and squeeze through the small openings between the calls that form the walls of the capillaries and transfer into the interstetial space in which the cells of all cell tissues live. Macrophages clean up large debris inside the interstitial space and attack and kill micro organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungus. It is believed that the Candida fungus is the major cause of cancer and that the white agglomerations that are identified as cancer tumors are nothing other than balls of Candida that have clumped together. These "tumors" look white because they consist of clumps of Candida Albicans.     


Plasma carries all the nutrients
So the plasma carries all the nutrients, enzymes and oxygen and very importantly, it transports the white blood cells into the interstitial space as well, where they can perform their immune system function of killing micro-organisms and instruct ill cells that take too long of a time to heal themselves to commit suicide called apoptosis. All the cells in the body need nutrients and oxygen to perform their functions in the body and they draw those nutrients and oxygen out of the interstitial fluid (the plasma that surrounds them) and they dump their metabolic waste products into that same interstitial fluid. It seems a very disturbing scenario that the cells of each cell tissue eat out of the same fluid that they dump all their waste into. It is like combining the kitchen and the toilet and eating out of the toilet bowl. Not a pleasant thought, but that is the way the body does it for millions of years already, so who are we to question this system that has worked well for millions of years.


Blood is the transportation system

The blood circulation is the only transportation system that delivers supplies (oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, minerals) to all the cell tissues. Cells use these supplies to perform their functions and they create metabolic waste products. The blood circulation is also the transportation system that picks up all the waste products that the cells create and disposes of that waste to the parts of the body that eliminate those waste products from the body. Without sufficient capillary circulation the cells would be starved of substances they need to function properly and their waste products would pile up around them. That creates a very unhealthy environment for all the cells of a cell tissue deprived of proper capillary circulation and that makes for poorly functioning cell tissues that do not properly perform the functions in the body that they are expected to perform. Not properly functioning cell tissues will mean illness for the cell tissues that are deprived of proper capillary circulation. 

Creation and distribution|
Another function that capillary circulation provides is the transportation and distribution of chemical substances that are produced by many different cell tissues in the body. There are several different functions that the hundreds of different cell tissues perform. Some of these functions are the production of physical energy,(muscle cells), production of chemical substances (hormones, enzymes etc.), holding things together like tendons and connective tissue. Then there are cells that perform electrical signal creation or electrical conduction duties.


What is the right and the wrong type of exercise?
Long duration low level exercise is the wrong type of exercise because it increases capillary circulation through the skeletal muscles of our arms and legs at the expense of decreasing capillary circulation to all the other cell tissues in the body. The right type of exercise is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that brings more capillary circulation to all cell tissues in the body, 


Many mysteries solved
Why do numerous very fit athletes get ill and are plagued with serious health problems and why do some other people that do not really exercise a lot have no serious health problems and live to a very respectable age without serious health issues? Most people incorrectly believe that fitness equals health and that is a total misconception. Fitness is the ability to perform work with trained muscles and health is a low level of illness that our immune system can handle. In fact in many cases too much fitness leads to illness. Wow, that is big news and begs for explanations. Stay tuned, explanations follow.

Athletes train for their sports that they have chosen to excel in. And often they persuade themselves that more is better, that training more and harder would result in higher performance. That is only true up to a certain point. For everything in life there is a "too little" a "too much" and a "just right." And "just right" is generally also referred to as moderation. The athletes that train too much may suddenly find that their health is deteriorating and that brings down their performance as well. This is then called overtraining, doing too much training. What is it that brings their health down from overtraining? Explained below.

Undertraining and incorrect exercise
The vast majority of the population does not suffer from overtraining. Most people suffer from undertraining, because they do not enough of the right type of exercise. Not doing enough of the correct type of exercise means not getting enough capillary circulation to the vital organs, brain and other critical cell tissues in the body. There are actually incorrect exercises that increase capillary circulation to muscles and thereby decrease capillary circulation to all other cell tissues in the body. Those exercises increase fitness (ability to perform work) and decrease health (or increase illness).


Preventing and curing illness
It is obvious now that much illness can be prevented and can even be cured by increasing plasma circulation through all cell tissues in the body if the right type of exercise is done. High intensity resistance exercise is the right type of exercise that does not increase capillary circulation through muscles at rest.  Weight training and dumbell exercises are very effective if they are done in a regimen of exercise that also raises the heart rate to high levels of beating.

Highly beneficial to health weight training exercise regiments can be done in 20 to 45 minutes per day. You need to know what you are doing and have a good program designed by a physical trainer or a doctor learned in the arts.

The reality is that the shorter the exercise programs are the greater the likelihood that people can discipline themselves to do the exercise. With a linear increase in length of time required there will be an exponential decrease in adherence to a daily exercise program. Only 8% of home exercise equipment is used on a regular exercise program (much of it is the wrong type of exercise that increases fitness at the expense of health). The only exercises that that are useful are of course the ones that are being adhered to and done on a regular basis. And then they are only good for health if they are the right type of exercises. 

The most effective types of exercises for health improvement are those that increase capillary circulation through all cell tissues and do that in the shortest number of minutes per day. Why the shortest amount of minutes? Because those are the exercises that people can discipline themselves to do for the rest of their life.

The trick is to do the kind of exercise that develop a very high degree of oxygen consumption by using  as many muscle tissue as possible all simutaneously.There are several methods and types of exercise equipment that will do a fairly good job at being short in duration and effective for capillary circulation improvement. All of these methods of exercise will develop a higher oxygen consumption during the exercise by involving more muscles over as large as possible range of motion and at high work output. The most effective but also the most expensive method is the 4 minute per day machine manufactured by Romfab in California. 

These exercises should not increase capillary circulation through muscles at the expense of capillary circulation to vital organs and all other non-muscle tissues in the body. These are exercises that require the least amount of time. The most effective such exercise is the exercise. Very expensive equipment but quite fantastic in its results for plasma circulation in all tissues in the body without an increase of circulation